ways to give on a budget

Being generous doesn’t have to break the bank.  If you’re on a tight budget, there are still some great ways to give to individuals or organizations.  Here are some creative ways to give on a budget:

Purge for a cause

When you’re purging your home of excess stuff, consider donating it to a local second hand store that uses the profits to give back to the community or an organization that you would love to support.  We recently donated one of our couches to Gleaners who will then use the profits to help support their food and medical aid operations.

Give your time

Time is one thing most of us can find (at least a little bit of spare time) in our lives.  Maybe you know of a family that is struggling.  If they’ll have it, spend a couple of hours cleaning their home so they have one less thing to worry about.  Often the gift of time is more appreciated than monetary gifts.

Gather your friends

Don’t have $100 to donate to that cause you’d love to support?  Why not donate $10 then round up nine of your friends to donate $10 as well?

Donate stockpile items

I think I can safely assume that if you’re a regular reader at Simply Frugal, you most likely have a stockpile that you’ve been building with coupons.  Food banks and women’s/men’s shelters will gladly take your excess food and toiletries!  Normally I only recommend taking advantage of the coupon deals that you will personally use (so you don’t go over budget), but you may want to consider purchasing items with coupons with the intent of donating them.  For example, you may not have any pets, but you know your local animal shelter would love the pet food you got for pennies using coupons.

Say Yes at the checkout

I’m sure you’ve run into this before.  The cashier is scanning your groceries, then asks if you’d like to donate $1 to such and such charity.  Next time you’re asked, say yes!  (If you feel as though you can support that particular charity.)  You could make a point of doing so once a month.  Local charities or fundraisers often place donation jars at the check out.  Throw in your spare change, if may only be $0.50, but all that spare change can really add up.

What are your favorite ways to give on a limited budget?