Every Monday in 2015, I’ll be sharing a different idea to help you save money! Add all of these tips to your frugal repertoire and you’ll be able to save a lot of money this year! I hope you’ll gather a few new ideas or at least some inspiration from this series.

Look for the Free Stuff to Save

Today’s post is coming at you because I scored a couple of great baby items this weekend. They were great deals because they were FREE!  Mostly because I was online at the right time.

I’m a part of a few Facebook buy & sell groups (I love, love buying and selling this way) and I happened to be browsing one group at the right time. (I tend to browse when I’m selling stuff.) Anyways, someone was offering a baby swing and a bouncy/vibrating chair for free to the first person to come by her garage sale. I happened to be on my way out the door anyways so I just changed my direction. I was first to the loot so I loaded up the car. Score!

While many of you may not be a part of these buy & sell groups, you can still nab free stuff if you look, and ask.

One of my favorite ways to get “free” things is by borrowing something I need. I particularly like this technique because I always give the item back once I’m finished, and it doesn’t take up any precious storage space! I always accept hand-me-downs, unless I really don’t need the items.

Another way to grab free stuff is by watching the curbs! My Mom snapped up a baby chair and a playpen in good condition one day while she was driving past a storage centre. She’s also found free walnuts because of a sign by a tree.

So, that’s my tip for the week!  Always be on the look out for free stuff. You’ll save big!

Have you scored any freebies? How and what did you get? Let us know!

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