Every Monday in 2015, I’ll be sharing a different idea to help you save money! Add all of these tips to your frugal repertoire and you’ll be able to save a lot of money this year! I hope you’ll gather a few new ideas or at least some inspiration from this series.  

Make Substitutions to Save

Are you guys enjoying this series?  Have you learned anything new or gained some inspiration? I’ve been having a lot of fun writing these posts!

One way to save a bundle every day is to make substitutions for things you buy or do regularly. I think it’s possible to find a substitute for so many things these days. The list could go on and on!

When I say make substitutions, I don’t mean necessarily have to stop doing and eating everything you love. Just find a cheaper, and quite possibly, a better way to do it. If you love to stop for coffee, purchase a french press or an Aeropress for at home or work and start making your own instead of going to a coffee shop.  Or, if you enjoy getting your nails done, why not find a friend who enjoys painting nails to do it for you?  Make an afternoon of it!

Here are a few of the ways I like to make substitutions at home:

Sometimes making substitutions could be as simple as buying a carton of whipping cream (to whip yourself) instead of a can of pre-made whipping cream.  Or for some frugal fun, why not find a new-to-you hiking trail instead of dishing out money for a local attraction.  Or maybe you’re forced to make a substitution because you ran out of something. Check out this list of 100 Emergency Ingredient Substitutions.

As you go about your week, try to think of some substitutions you can make. Challenge yourself! I’m going to try my hand at some homemade bread. The bread maker has been sitting for far too long. 🙂

What are some ways you make substitutions in your life to help save money?

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