Ways to save on cloth diapers

Building a cloth diaper stash can cost you a pretty penny, which makes it hard to consider using them in the first place.  However, it is possible to build a great diaper collection on a budget!   Here are some tips I learned while building our stash, that will help you to save big:

Buy used

Quite often, you’ll find someone selling their cloth diaper collection on sites like Kijiji and Craigslist.  This is a great way to acquire an entire collection at a fraction of the cost.

Check those daily deal sites

I wanted to try a variety of different cloth diapers to see if I had any preference so I took advantage of a few deals on daily deal sites.  I scored some AMP’s and a Baby Kicks diaper that I love.  You might want to consider signing up for the email lists of sites like BabySteals and Sweet Baby Dealz so you know when cloth diapers are up for grabs!

Make your own

CheekyDiapers.com has a long list of great tutorials about making your own cloth diapers!  Even if you have limited sewing skills, it could be quite easy to create your own stash!  Sewing your own diapers seems to be becoming quite popular too, as I’ve noticed my local fabric store carries quite a good selection of cloth diaper fabrics.

Don’t buy name brands

If you want to save a bundle, stay away from the major brands such as Fuzzibunz, AMP, and bumGenius.  The majority of my stash is made up of Kawaii diapers.  Individually, Kawaii diapers cost about $7, compared to $20 or more for the brand name diapers.  I even saved a bit more by purchasing a package deal (12 diapers)

Tell your friends and family

Make sure to mention to your friends and family that you’re going to be cloth diapering.  A friend of mine gave me a couple of bumGenius diapers because she realized that cloth diapering wasn’t for her.  I also received a wonderful cloth diapering “kit” (a diaper, bum cream, laundry detergent and a waterproof tote) from a friend as a baby gift because she knew I was intending on going this route.

Use prefolds/covers instead of AIO’s or One Size diapers

By going with the prefold and waterproof cover system over the All-in-One’s, you’ll save yourself a ton of money.  But, I really recommend doing some research beforehand to determine the method that will suit your lifestyle best.  I personally, wanted diaper changes to be as simple as possible so I knew prefolds and covers were not going to be for me.  Though, now that I’m a bit more “experienced” prefolds and covers are more appealing!

Are you a cloth diaper user?  What are your money saving tips when it comes to building a cloth diaper stash?