7 Frugal Meal Ideas for When You’re Broke

Do you find it hard to prepare tasty and filling meals when you’re in between pay days? Cooking hearty meals on a tight budget can be a challenge, but the truth is, it’s totally possible! You can enjoy a tasty, healthy, and filling meal for less when you give these frugal meal ideas a try.  Bonus: You can whip them up in no time!

1. Loaded Tomato Soup and Cheese Sandwiches

Prepare a pot of tomato soup and toss in some filling extras such as rice, cheese, or pasta. Prepare with a side of grilled cheese sandwiches and some cucumber slices.

2. Baked Italian Chicken Legs and Rice

Chicken legs are one of the cheapest cuts of chicken. Bake chicken that has been marinated with Italian dressing in the oven. Prepare with a side of rice and a small side salad if budget allows.

3. Hearty Baked Potato BarThese Frugal meal ideas are sure to satisfy by filling you up with tasty food even when you're broke!

Prepare baked potatoes along with a bar of toppings. Enjoy them with sour cream, chives, cheese, bacon, ham, or other tasty toppings that turn them into a meal. Side with soup if the budget allows.

4. Ham and Cheese Croissant Pockets.

Take canned croissants and stuff them with ham and cheese before rolling. Prepare as usual. The end result is a hot and tasty treat that is best when served with inexpensive soup, steamed vegetables or salad.

5. Brinner!

Brinner is when you enjoy breakfast for dinner! Eggs, pancakes, and fruit can all make for an inexpensive but hearty dinner. If budget allows, prepare some sausage links or bacon.

6. Hamburger Casserole.

Cook a pound of hamburger and drain. Add in a packet of brown gravy mix. Add in a cup of frozen corn as well as a cup of frozen peas. Pour the mixture into a baking dish, top with shredded cheese, and finish off with frozen tater tots. Bake until golden and enjoy. It’s cheap and easy.

7. Meatless Taco Bar.

Create a meatless taco bar with shells, refried beans, cheese, sour cream, beans, avocado, lettuce and tomatoes. With so many fresh toppings, you won’t even miss the meat.

If you need to prepare a hearty meal on a budget, give these ideas a try! You’re sure to create something tasty in no time flat.

What are your go-to meals for when the grocery budget is running dry?

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