Babies grow so fast, it’s hard to keep them in clothes that fit! Don’t miss these great places to find discount baby clothes that are of great quality and fit easily into your lifestyle if you’re on a limited budget!

6 Places To Find Discount Baby Clothes

Where to find discount baby clothes


A huge powerhouse in the discount baby clothes industry is actually eBay. This online auction site is a great place to buy gently used and brand new items at a fraction of the price you would in a store. Check out various large lots of clothing for the best prices on bulk purchases with discounted shipping. You can also earn money back once those clothes have been outgrown by selling your own items on eBay for credit.


Looking at these popular online classified sites can bring you many opportunities to grab kids clothing and specifically discount baby clothes at great prices. Remember to always arrange to meet in a public place and have someone go along with you for safety.

Local Facebook Buy & Sell groups

There are so many buy & sell groups on Facebook. I happen to think they are a great place to find discount baby clothes. They are similar to a garage sale or yard sale, only online and easy to choose what you want without having to drive all over the place to find it. Much like Craigslist, it is important to arrange to meet in a public place and have someone come along with you for safety.

Thrift or second hand stores

There are tons of great thrift stores and second hand stores all over the place, and they are ideal for finding amazing discount baby clothes that will work into your budget and keep your little one clothed.

Consignment sales

Consignment stores and sales are an amazing place to sell your own gently used items, but also to buy great name brand items for your baby at deep discounts. Watch for pre-sale days, special offers and great name brand quality items for up to 75% off retail prices.

Hand me downs

Take any hand me down items that are offered to you from friends, family and neighbors. You’ll be surprised at how many people will offer you items for your baby. Take what’s offered and go through items to choose what you can and are able to use. Pass on the the items you aren’t able to make use of to others.

These are some great places you can easily find discount baby clothes that are in great condition while staying within your budget. Your baby doesn’t need a ton of clothing when they are little, but as they grow you’ll find it can be costly to keep them in new sizes all the time. These tips will help you to manage keeping your baby in cute clothing without spending outside your budget.