Ultimate Savings

Are you looking to save more money this year? Whether you are an occasional couponer or an avid one, take a peek below at 7 steps to organize your coupons for ultimate savings. By making a few changes to your organization, you can make sure your coupons work for you and get you the most bang for your buck. Here is how you can get started organizing your coupons and saving more!

1. Step One: Utilize a binder.

Head to your local dollar store for a simple three ring binder. You can then decorate it to your liking or just keep it clean and plain. Make sure it is sturdy and will last being handled often during the year.

2. Step Two: Divide your binder contents.

Now, divide your binder into sections. Your sections can be as follows: Dairy, Produce, Breads, Meat, Desserts, Breakfast, Toiletries, Cleaning, Soon to Expire. Place plastic sheets into each section which can then be used to hold the coupons for that section.  (I like these ones.)

3. Step Three: Print off coupon policies.

Print off the coupon policies to your favorite store and add them to the back of your binder. This way you always have them for easy reference should you need them.

4. Step Four: Make a flyer pocket.

At the front of your binder, make a pocket for flyers. This way, you also have those to easily reference should you need them when shopping.

5. Step five: Do a weekly expiration check.

At the start of each week, do a check of the coupons to remove any that may have expired. If any are soon to expire, remove them and place them in a ‘soon to expire” file so you can use them before they become worthless.

6. Step Six: Bundle double coupon scenarios.

For stores like London Drugs that let you stack coupons, bundle those coupons together before filing them. For example if London Drugs has a store coupon for Dove soap and you have a manufacturer coupon for it as well, clip them together before filing. This way you won’t have to dig and can figure your savings out easily.

7. Step Seven: Track your savings.

Keep a running tally in the back of your binder of how much you have saved. You can do this by storing your receipts or simply jot down the date and the amount of coupon savings you earned. At the end of the month add up your savings and use it as a goal and motivator for next month.

You can make the most of your coupons and really save at the checkout! Give these tips a try and see how they work for you!