Creative ways to use up leftovers

Do you find yourself with leftovers after each meal? It’s wasteful just to toss those scraps into the trash, but are you stuck on ideas on what else can you do with them? Even if your family isn’t crazy about leftovers, there are fun ways to make the most of them. Take a look at these 7 ways to make the most of leftovers so you can stretch your grocery budget each week.

1. Invest in proper storage supplies.

Before you begin making the most of your leftovers, invest in some proper storage supplies. Having sturdy, clear plastic or glass containers is ideal for seeing the contents of each container. Freezer bags and tin foil will also help you store and save leftovers. If you don’t have these items it’s way more tempting to toss leftovers in the trash. Instead, be prepared!

2. Plan menus ahead of time.

When you know you are having steak for dinner, you can easily plan to eat steak salads (using your leftover meat) for the following day. If you know you are having hamburgers, you can plan a beef and vegetable stew for the day after. By using leftovers from your dinner in your subsequent lunch, you can make the most of those leftovers. Meal planning can help you stretch each meal.

3. Get creative with stews and soups.

Leftover chicken, vegetables, beef, and noodles can all be added to a broth and warmed up into a soup or stew. See what combinations you prefer and get creative with your soup recipes.

Take a look at these 7 ways to make the most of leftovers so you can stretch your grocery budget each week, even if your family isn't crazy about the idea of leftovers!

4. Try chicken salad recipes.

Leftover chicken can be peeled from the bone, added to a bowl, and turned into chicken salad quite easily. Just add a little mayo, a hard boiled egg, and some celery and you have the perfect lunch! Try adding other leftovers into the mix to see if there is a combo you enjoy.

5. Bake those buns!

Turn leftover buns and bread into croutons. Just cube, sprinkle with olive oil and seasonings of your choice, and bake in the oven until nice and crispy. These  are great for soups and salads.

6.“Wrap” leftovers up.

Always have some tortilla wraps on hand to make wraps using your leftovers. You can add steak and vegetables, chicken salad, veggies and cheese, or any other combinations that might appeal to you.

7. Use leftovers as toppings.

Leftover cheese, veggies, and even meat can always be chopped or crumbled and used as baked potato topping, pizza toppings, or soup toppings. Don’t think of these leftovers as a whole meal (if you don’t have a lot) but more as a topping or condiment.

Never look at leftovers the same way again when you give these creative leftover ideas a try.

I’d love to hear how you use leftovers in your household!  Share in the comments!

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