How to Use Citrus Peels

Do you find yourself tossing out citrus peels often? If you enjoy an orange for breakfast or lemons in your beverages, you might find yourself with citrus peels on hand. The good news is, citrus peels don’t have to end up in the garbage or compost, and have practical uses long after the fruit is gone! Take a look below at 7 citrus peels uses. You will be amazed at how practical citrus peels can be!

7 Ways to Use Citrus Peels - Citrus peels can be quite practical so don’t toss them, give one of these uses a try instead!

1. Give homemade cleaners a boost.

Fill a spray bottle with white vinegar and add the citrus peels in. Let sit so the oils in the peels have time to distribute. After a few days, you will have a powerful and fresh smelling homemade cleaner that can’t be beat!

2. Add to marinades.

Save citrus peels and add them into your marinades to give meats and fish a citrus kick. The oils in the peels will add flavor to your food easily and inexpensively.

3. Use them to attract garden friends.

Toss citrus peels into the garden to attract bees and butterflies which can aid your plants and offer some beauty as well. Just place the peels in a shallow dish and set near ground cover or low laying plants. In no time the butterflies and bees will come. You may even get a few hummingbirds!

4. Add them to compost.

Add your citrus peels to your compost piles or bins to help enrich your soil and make your plants grow. They will add some acidity to the soil as well as other nutrients that your plants will love.  If you save the entire half of an orange peel, you can even use it as a seed starter.

5. Candy them.

Candied citrus peels are an old fashioned treat that are just as good today as they were years ago. To make candied citrus peels remove as much of the white rind as possible leaving just the peel. Boil the peels in a sauce pan for about 20 minutes, remove, then roll in sugar.

6. Make citrus zest.

Citrus zest can be used in marinades, salad dressings, and dessert recipes. Make your own citrus zest by rubbing the peel on a grater, and then store the shavings in a cool place until needed. Some people even freeze their zest until they can use it.

7. Make faucets shine.

Take the citrus peel and rub it (the white side) against the metal of your faucets. The oil will cut through grease and grime and bring the metal to a shine.

As you can see, citrus peels can be quite practical. So don’t toss them, give one of these uses a go instead!

Do you know of any other way to use citrus peels?  Share in the comments!