Inspired by my post on 10 painless ways the Tightwad Gazette saves $100 each year, I thought I would post 9 ways that we in the Simply Frugal household save at least $100 a year. It really doesn’t have to be difficult! Painless actually.

1) Shop the sales, compare prices

When we’re on the market for something in particular. We take the time to do our research. We make sure we’re getting the most bang for our buck, especially when it’s a big ticket item. Sure it takes a little bit of effort but it’s in line with my staying debt free philosophy.

2) Pack our lunches every day

This is easy for me to do since I make sure to make plenty of dinner in order to save some for our lunches. I love having a hot lunch everyday!

3) Stay home more

One of my favorite ways to save money! Check out this post that outlines 16 Ways to Be Happier at Home.

4) Meal planning

Well I don’t think I need to repeat why I love meal planning. You can go here, here and here to read more about my views on this subject. 🙂

5) Make coffee, hot chocolate at home

Sure, I really enjoy the occasional Starbucks or Tim Horton’s coffee, but I also enjoy staying in my pajamas longer and making coffee at home. I actually try to keep on hand, some homemade coffee cream. Delicious!

6) Use the library instead of buying new books

I love the library! Our library system is great, I think! There are several branches in my surrounding area that makes it possible to request almost any book that I may desire to read. Here are some other ways the library can save you money.

7) Use coupons

Yep, I love coupons! I just recently saved myself $20 on Olay products by combining sales and coupons. I got 6 Olay products completely free! (Here’s a whole series I wrote on Couponing in Canada)

8) Think before I buy

This is a big one. I used to be quite the impulse buyer. If it was a good sale, I’d buy it even if I didn’t need it. But in my quest to lead a simpler life with less stuff, I always ask myself if I can afford it, if it’s worth dusting, packing up for a move, or if I really love it, before I make the purchase.

9) Cut my husband’s hair at home

I think every time I cut his hair we’re saving at least $20!  And he needs his hair cut more often than I do 🙂

There you have my list of ways I save at least $100 a year. I hope to discover more ways that work for my family over the years to come!

What are some frugal things that you do that save you at least $100 a year?  What are some frugal things that you used to do but should probably start doing again?