You know how life is funny sometimes and you notice that you have made a gradual shift in the way you normally do things? Well, I noticed recently that I have made gradual changes that I don’t like. They bother me enough that I know I need to make changes. The gradual changes have been affecting my family and our finances.

I feel like a hypocrite because I take about frugal living all the time! But in all honesty, I haven’t been practicing what I preach lately. Really, on the inside I’m a hot mess just trying to get through each day. 🙂

But enough is enough. Once I’m motivated I’m so ready to make changes. Here is what I’ve been noticing that I need to change:

  • Careless spending
  • Food waste and waste in general
  • Buying convenience food

Maybe many of you can relate to my recent bad habits. These gradual changes have happened mostly because I’ve been lazy, but also because of frustrations caused by picky family members 😉

Here’s is how I plan on fixing these issues:

  • Spend more wisely. Shop the sales. Don’t buy unnecessary items. Buy used.
  • Meal plan. Use reusable grocery bags. Buy reusable straws.
  • Make more food from scratch. I want to try my hand at making nut milks, yogurt, butter and other staples. I also want to start baking more.

Just like how I gradually started making changes in the wrong direction, I know I’m going to have to gradually make changes in the right direction.  So, you will start to notice some how-to posts over here at Simply Frugal. A back to basics of frugal living, if you will.

Are you in the same boat as me? Do you need to make changes too? What will be the first thing you tackle?