Checkout 51 is a mobile app that provides you with a list of offers (coupons) each week and then gives you cash back when you upload a photo of a receipt that proves you purchased products on the list! It’s like a mail-in rebate program except it’s all done on your smartphone! The Checkout 51 app makes it quick and easy to save on everyday products!

Currently Checkout 51 is only available for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch but they’re working on getting something available for all smartphone users.

How it works
1. Open the Checkout 51 app to see this week’s offers (new every Thursday)
2. Buy any of the products on offer from any store in Canada and keep the receipt
3. In the app, tap “Upload Receipt” and snap photos of the receipt
4. When your account reaches $20, we send you a cheque!

Here’s a screenshot to give you an idea:

Check out the help section for more details on how the program works.

I think Checkout 51 is going to be fantastic for those of us that aren’t extreme couponers, but still enjoy saving on basic grocery purchases!  This week, I even noticed a couple of offers that have manufacturer coupons available for extra savings!

Give Checkout 51 a try, I think you’ll really like it!