I’ve been a little bit of a lazy container gardener this year.  I had grand plans to really use our space to grow a lot of veggies, but… I got lazy or overwhelmed.  I wanted to construct some sort of vertical gardening space that would allow me to plant herbs, radishes, lettuce and strawberries.

You see, I’m really good at deciding  that I’m going to do something, just not so good on the follow through 😛  Maybe next year!

I still haven’t planted my lettuce seeds or my potatoes.  But, I was proud of the fact that I scored some free seed potatoes by putting a call out on a local Facebook Buy & Sell site!  I’ll get to planting them this week, promise. 🙂

Here goes for my first update.

First up, is a picture of my flower pot, mints (chocolate and apple) and tomatoes.  I hope to make delicious teas this year using those mints! (read all about apple mint here.)

This year, I found a window box variety of Roma tomatoes and the other cherry tomato is a Sweet 100.


I’m not a huge fan of dried rosemary so I bought a rosemary plant that I hope to use fresh in my cooking.  Not pictured, is a basil plant I have at the front of the house.


Last year I had beans and peas planted in this big container, but they didn’t really grow well.  So, this year, I decided to try something different and create a mosquito planter!  I’ll have more details about it in a seperate post in the near future.

mosquito planter#1

I’ll be back with another update soon because there’s been growth since I took these pictures and I’ll have more planted!

How’s your garden doing?