I thought it was time for another container garden update since there’s quite a bit of growth since my last update!  I’m quite please with how it’s coming along!

First up are my tomato plants.  This was exciting to see; there are tiny little green tomatoes growing!  Not long now before we’re eating them!



This bucket of carrots is doing pretty good too.  It’s doing way better than my other bucket because it received a lot of rain water when we were having a rainy week.


As you can see, this container of carrots is not doing as well.


The beans are doing very well!  And the peas too.  They’re hidden behind the beans.  Although they’re doing well, I’m not sure it was a great idea to plant them in the same container.  I had to unravel the peas from the beans.  I may have to put some sort of lattice in the container for the peas to climb.

beans and peas

Even though I only planted the potatoes a little over a week ago, they’re already starting to poke through the dirt!  It probably won’t be long until I have to add more soil, especially if we get some hot weather.  Wanting to know how to grow potatoes in a container?  See my post here.


I think I’ve got some lettuce harvesting to do if this lettuce picture is any indication!  I love growing Spring Mix type lettuce.  It’s so easy to grow and it grows fast too!


I forgot to take a picture of my basil, but I intend on doing a quick video showing how to prune it in the near future.

How is your garden growing?

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