Time for another container garden update!  I have some successes and some “failures” to share this time.

Half success and half failure are my carrots.  One container is doing wonderfully, while the other has looked this way since the beginning.  I’m not quite sure what to do.  Should I pull them or wait it out?  Maybe I’ll replant, but I’m not sure there’s enough growing season left.


Both tomato plants are doing really well!  Lots of little green tomatoes and one red one waiting to be picked!


My potatoes are growing like crazy!  Just after I took this picture, I added some much needed soil.  I’m so curious to know what’s going on under the soil.  Will I see potatoes when I harvest??


The beans are doing well and look sort of pretty with the orange flowers!  But, unfortunately, I had to pull the peas that were sharing the container.  They just weren’t doing well at all.  Most likely because I neglected watering them for a couple of days.  I should really take my own advice that I shared in this post:  5 Container Gardening Mistakes to Avoid.


Uh yeah,  my lettuce looks pretty sad doesn’t it?  I let the lettuce grow too much before I picked them so I decided to cut it all down with my kitchen shears to get them to grow again.  We’ll see!


How is your garden growing?  What are your successes and failures?

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