Buying groceries week after week can get extremely expensive! However, you can cut the cost of your grocery bill if you know what to buy and what to cook. Cooking on a budget doesn’t mean eating just rice and beans. In fact you can prepare some amazing meals on even the smallest budget! Today’s post will give you several tips for cooking on a budget.

7 Tips for Cooking on a Budget

Cooking on a budget. 7 tips to help you know what to buy so you can eat well but stay on budget.

Buy a Whole Chicken

Chicken breasts are significantly more expensive than purchasing a whole chicken. Look for sales on whole chicken and you will be able to stretch your dollar a lot further. Make sure to use all parts of the chicken. To make your money stretch even further, be sure to make chicken stock as well! (Here’s a recipe for vegetable stock. To make chicken stock, just add the bones to this recipe.)

Look for Marked Down Meats

When purchasing steaks, pork or ground beef look for meat that has been marked down on clearance. Grocery stores have to sell all meat by the sell by date or throw it away. Stores would prefer not to throw away food so they mark it down low. When you see these clearance sales, stock up and cook it right away or freeze it to be used at a later date.

Use Fillers

You can make your meals stretch further by adding in potatoes, rice, beans, tortillas or whole-grain bread. All of these items can help to fill you up without incorporating a lot of meat.

Buy More Eggs

Eggs are less expensive than buying cereal and provide better nutrients. Eggs are high in protein and you can do so many different things with eggs. You can hard boil eggs for a quick snack on the go or an egg salad sandwich. You can also have a breakfast for dinner night with eggs, toast and some bacon.

Meal Plan

Meal planning is a great way to cook on a budget. Knowing what you will be eating in advance will prevent you from running to the store to pick up items that are not on sale. When you plan your meals in advance you have the opportunity to shop the grocery sales, which can also help save money.

Stock Up

When you find a great price on items your family eats on a regular basis, stock up as much as you can within your budget! Keeping a well stocked pantry means less trips to the store. The less often you have to go grocery shopping, the more money you will be able to save.

Buy the Cheap Cuts of Meat

People tend to avoid buying meats like pork shoulders or a chuck roast because they are a tougher cut of meat. However, both cuts of meat are quite inexpensive and you can make some very tasty stews with these cuts of meat. I suggest cooking these meats in the slow cooker on low for six to eight hours to make them as tender as possible.

What tips do you have for cooking on a budget? Do you have any go-to recipes you can share in the comments?