Before buying any new clothing, always consider the Cost Per Wear. Find out why here:

I thought I’d share a frugal tip that my mom taught me quite a few years back because I happen to think it’s a really great tip!

Before buying any new clothing, always consider the Cost Per Wear.  I like to think that an article of clothing costs me $1.00 each day I wear it.  So, for example, consider the basic t-shirt that costs $10.  Can I see myself wearing it for 10 days out of the year at the cost of $1.00 per wear?  If so, then it’s absolutely worth purchasing.

Another example:  You spot a really funky top that you can see yourself wearing to the office party next week.  It is on the clearance rack for $20, but, can you see yourself wearing it 20 times?  If you can only picture yourself wearing it to one event, $20 per wear, might be a bit much.  Of course, that’s ultimately for you to decide.

The cost per wear of $1.00 might seem really low to you, but aiming for a goal of a Cost Per Wear of $3.00 or less is ideal if you want to get the most bang for your wardrobe buck.

Considering the Cost Per Wear is important because there’s a tendency for some bargain shoppers to focus only on the price of an item, rather than the usefulness of the item. In the long run, purchasing something you don’t need, will make any savings you may have initially made during the purchase, seem silly.