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Are you ready to start the Simply Frugal Declutterathon?  I know I sure am! Do you have empty boxes set aside for all that stuff you’re going to get rid of? 🙂

Download and print the organizing calendar here.

The first task of the year is to organize your coupons. I’m hoping this will be an easy thing for you to accomplish today. I actually revamped my system last year.  I went from a binder to a small accordion file system.  I’m just not using many coupons these days.  I basically only use coupons for household goods, a few convenience items (pizza pretty much) and dairy (yogurt).  I’m okay with that because there are plenty of other ways for me to save. 🙂

Since I actually don’t have any coupons to sort though at the moment, I will be planning our meals for the rest of the month instead. I’ve been struggling with meal time lately and I think having the month planned out will really help me. Even if things end up getting changed. I’ve really been enjoying the recipes and ideas in the Ultimate Healthy Meal Planning Bundle that is available until January 5, 2018.

Here are useful articles to help you organize your coupons if you need some extra help in this area:

Will you be joining me today by organizing your coupons or planning your meals? I’d love it if those of you that join, would chime in with your progress in the comments!

I’ll will be posting random progress reports throughout the week over in the Simply Frugal Facebook group and Instagram! Follow me on Instagram @simplyfrugal and use the hashtag #declutterathon to get updates and see what others are up to during the challenge! If you’re on Pinterest, be sure to follow my organization board for interesting organization links!