Declutterathon Day 14: Tidy Desk/Organize Digital Photos

In our new home, I now have a desk, but the girls mostly use it right now for making crafts and colouring. My husband also has a desk that tends to get cluttered up with toys because it’s in our basement where most of the toys are. So today, I’ll tidy them up and make sure all the random items are in their proper place.

Also, one of my big projects that I’d like to get done one day soonish is to complete five years worth of photo books. I’m seriously the worst at getting pictures developed and books made. But I’ve been trying to keep up with keeping photos organized on my computer, but I’m sure my husband’s phone still has some that I need to put on my computer.  I’ve been thinking of using Mixbook for the photo “yearbooks”. They seem to always have a deal. Though with the exchange rate these days, I’d love to hear your suggestions for a Canadian company!

What’s the state of your desk? How do you organize your digital photos? Do you have any great systems in place that help?

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