Declutterathon Day 17: Organize and Purge your Fridge/Freezer

Today we tackle the fridge and freezer! Good thing because I’m sure I have some old things that need to be tossed. Plus, I’m sure I’ll probably find a few meal ideas!

Normally I would try to defrost our deep freezer, but it’s actually not too bad at the moment so I’m going to leave it today. 🙂

As for the organization of the freezer, I’m still pretty clueless on how to make it work well. But I can find things so I guess that’s a good thing! For the rest of my day, I’ll be tackling the fridge and fridge freezer. (Won’t take too long, but the drawers really need a wipe!)

I have a couple of things that may help you today:

How often do you clean out your fridge?  How often do you defrost your deep freezer if you have one?

Download and print the Declutterathon Calendar here.

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