Get Organized in January task 5: Organize those games and puzzles!

For whatever reason, the closet that we have the board games in drives me bonkers. I just can’t figure out an efficient way to set it up. It always seems as though there’s a lot of unused space. I guess that’s okay (space is good), but it’s a big closet that could hold a lot of things that are only used on occasion!

Today’s Declutterathon activity is to straighten up the board games and puzzles. Be sure to donate the things you no longer use! We don’t have a ton of games and puzzles, and they’re not really disorderly, but I think I can do better. Or at least dust the shelves. 😉  Since I was just ranting about how this closet works, I think I may spend some time trying to figure out a solution. Or at least purging a lot of other stuff in there.

Here are some useful and inspiring board game organization ideas I found on Pinterest:

Do you have any brilliant ideas for game and puzzle organization?

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