Play with two pairs of shoes, alternating the positions of each one.

I’m back! I’ve been ‘suffering’ from technical issues for a couple of days now, but I am finally able to access my own website! Yahoo! So we can officially get back to decluttering.

Today’s Declutterathon activity: purge the shoes!

This shouldn’t be too hard around here.  I don’t have many shoes and my husband has even less!  I think my struggle is going to be convincing my husband that he needs to finally throw away his old broken soccer cleats. (He thinks he might use them one day as backup shoes??) I think if it’s been a year and he hasn’t needed them, they’re gone. 😛

The problem with my shoes is that some of them only get worn a few times a year. I keep trying to convince myself they need to go, but then I end up wearing them again out of sympathy or something. I’m weird, I know.

As for my daughters’ shoes, the too small ones and out of season ones will go into storage or get donated.

How do you keep a handle on your shoe situation?

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