Dinner parties on a budget.

Dinner parties are so much fun to host! However, hosting a dinner party can get very expensive if not planned properly. Dinner parties don’t have to be expensive, in fact you can throw a very frugal party! Keep reading and you will be well on your way to saving money on your next party.

Keep Appetizers Simple

Every dinner party needs a few appetizers, but don’t feel like you have to go above and beyond. You can can create several appetizers on a budget. Buy a big bag of frozen shrimp and set them in some pretty dishes you already own. Have another bowl with cocktail sauce. Buying frozen shrimp is much cheaper than fresh! Make dips and cut up some fresh bread or chips. Your guests are there to enjoy time with you, not critique your appetizers.

Keep the Menu Simple

When it comes to the dinner menu, try to keep it simple. You really don’t need to have six courses. Serve a nice green salad, the main course and a dessert. You should also think about shopping the weekly grocery store sales and creating your menu off what is currently on sale. You can stuff chicken breasts, top steaks with cheese and grilled onions, make a roast or anything else you can think of. Making something too unique will only stress you out and cost you more money than you want to spend.

Don’t Turn Away Help

If a guest offers to bring something, let them! You don’t have to ask them to bring a full-course but suggest an appetizer, bottle of wine or a salad. Even a guest simply bringing a salad is one less thing you have to pay for and prepare. Most of the time guests want to bring something. Take advantage of your guests wanting to help. It will help you out and your guests will be happy to help you.

Use Your Supplies

There is no reason to run out and buy all new dishes. Take a look around your kitchen and see what you already own. Get creative with what you can use for serving bowls or serving trays. Most of the time your guests aren’t even paying attention to what you are serving food on.

Shop the Dollar Store

The Dollar Store is a great place to pick up items to decorate your table. You will even find serving dishes and bowls at the Dollar Store. For decorating the table, look for candles, candle holders, flower arrangements, vases and even tablecloths. You might be surprised at what you find!

What are your tips for hosting dinner parties on a budget?

Hosting a dinner party can be expensive if not planned properly. They don't have to be, in fact you can throw dinner parties on a budget with these tips!