Getting and keeping the house organized is a challenge for most families.  Two areas that tend to fall victim to the accumulation of stuff after only a week (or day!) of living life, are the front entryway and the stair landing.   To help keep these areas organized, you’ll need to develop some good habits and have suitable storage solutions.

Here are some entryway and stair landing organizing tips that are sure to help keep you more organized.

Entryway and Stair Landing Organizing Tips

Here are some entryway and stair landing organizing tips that are sure to help keep you more organized!

Put Things Away Right Away

There is one habit to apply when you’re battling to keep your entryway neat and tidy; put things away immediately upon arriving home. We tend not to return to hang up a coat or put away shoes once we’ve settled into being home. By forcing yourself, and creating a habit at the same time, by putting your things away immediately will restore order to the entryway.  Just make sure each item has a proper place!

Use that Closet

Coats, shoes, backpacks, and purses tend to collect in piles in the front entryway. If there is a closet, use it!  If there isn’t a closet, or the closet is too small, then a coat rack or a set of hooks is the next best thing.  Hang a set of hooks on the wall or purchase a free standing coat rack, if the budget will allow.  Backpacks and purses should go in the closet as well, or straight to the owner’s bedroom.

Shoes, boots, hats, scarves, and the like need to go in the closet right away, unless they’re wet.  Then they can be set aside to dry.  Another tool for footwear is a covered bench, baskets, or storage cubes. Storage cubes are handy because each family member can be assigned his or her own.  Pick up some of those storage cubes that have cushioned seats; they can double as a bench!

One Item per Trip

Habits and tools can also help keep the stair landing clear.  Most people will go up and down the stairs more than once during the day, so picking up and bringing one item each trip is a great habit to get into.  That was a rule my Mom liked to enforce.  If we were headed upstairs and there was something that belonged to us waiting on the stairs, we had to bring it up.

Use a Basket

Since the stair landing is a common catch-all for toys and other items, a large basket can be used. You can then assign one family member to take on the chore of bringing the basket upstairs each day.  Everyone just needs to return his or her things to the proper place at the end of the day.

It takes a few tools and habits to keep the entryway and stair landing clutter-free, but it can be done!

What are your tips for keeping the entryway and stairs tidy?