Today, I was looking at what my daughters were playing with and I realized that they have consistently been playing with this purchase since March of 2020! That doesn’t happen often around here! However, I have been trying to be way more intentional with the toy purchases that I make. My main criteria has been toys that have open ended play capabilities and toys that appeal to both girls. (Ages 5 and 9.)

This toy that I purchased in March meets the criteria and has been the most loved purchase!

Magnetic tiles for the win! These have been by far our favorite toy purchase!

In the picture above, they are currently being used as a house for Peppa Pig and Calico Critter toys. (also favorites!) The particular tiles I bought are PicassoTiles. If you can snag the set for less than $60, you’re getting a great deal!

We also own Magformer tiles, but the girls love this style way more because they can create floors so their little toys don’t fall through.

I’d love to know, what has been your favorite toy purchase lately?