I thought I would share one of my ideas for frugal fun!

Quite often on weekends, my Dad and I go for a drive and we bring along our cameras.  (Photography is my Dad’s favourite hobby and he’s now teaching me a few tricks!) 

We fondly refer to these drives as Photo Safaris.  They usually involve a trip to Starbucks as well.  🙂 (paid by Swagbucks!)

Basically, we drive around and hunt photo opportunites.  During our Safari on Sunday, we saw an opportunity to take some really neat hoar frost pictures.  So we tromped through snow that was well above our knees to “get those shots”!

We have a ton of fun while catching up and enjoying the fresh air!  The nice thing about our photo safaris is that we can go any time of the year! 

What do you like to do for some frugal fun?