Brenda emailed a couple of her frugal tips that you might enjoy!

1.  I totally agree with your one tip about buying the ‘good’ stuff first, and not spending loads of money rebuying crap.. I am a candle addict.. completely.. I DO spend good money on my candles, mostly because the cheap ones are just that.. cheap. They don’t burn nicely, they’re not a great scent. So quite often when I buy my ‘good’ candles I also want them to really last. I’ve bought a coffee warmer, the type that office workers will use to keep their coffee warm on their desk?  Simple find at most thrift stores, because they of course take up costly desk space, and so they toss them. I place my 20 dollar candle on the warmer, and get just as nice of a scent from it, as I do when I burn it, however it will last a TON longer if you ‘warm’ it as opposed to burn it 🙂

2.  To get rid of pesky fruit flies..

  • 1/4 cup apple juice
  • 1/4 cup vinegar
  • one – two drops of dish soap

Place these in a small glass and set around your kitchen, the fruit flies will be attracted to it, dive in and drown. It will get rid of ALL fruit flies in your house.

Thanks, Brenda!

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