get organized in january

I’m quite pleased with my accomplishments this week!  Although I was surprised to see that the closets in Sienna’s room didn’t need much work because I’ve been diligent in trying to keep them tidy!

I did however, manage to find a ton of clothes to donate from our closet and dresser!  I was being quite ruthless.

Here are the clothes I’m getting rid of, minus a few jackets and shoes that aren’t pictured.  I’m actually trying to sell them on a local Buy & Sell site!

clothes lot

The picture I took of the closet was horrible quality, but you can trust me that is emptier and tidier now after refolding some things!

I actually had to dig a few things out of the boxes storing Sienna’s outgrown/out of season clothes because we’re headed to Mexico next week!!  Woo hoo for warm weather clothes!

How did you do with your projects this week?

Up next during my January Organization endeavor:

  • File/shred paper work
  • Organize the kitchen cupboards
  • Organize/purge the hot water tank closet

I’ll have another update for you next Saturday, January 25, 2014.