Get Organized in January task #5: Sell Something!

By now, I’m sure you’ve found a few things that you’ll be parting with.  Rather than taking everything to the thrift store, take a look to see if there’s anything worth selling.  Maybe it’s a brand name jacket that you no longer care for, or an extra coffee table.

Why not try listing those items on Kijiji or Craigslist?  Or my favourite way to sell something, in a local Facebook Buy & Sell group!  I’ve had great success with selling some items I no longer need in these such groups.  I usually have the item spoken for by the end of the day!

To find a Facebook group near you, simply search for “yourcity Buy & Sell”.  For example, if I lived in Ottawa, I’d type in Ottawa Buy & Sell.  You could also ask your friends; one of them is bound to be a member of one of those groups.

I find I can generally earn more this way rather than a garage sale, or, obviously, by donating everything to a thrift store.

Will you try selling something?  Have you sold anything this way?  Any Tips?

Once you sell something, you could put that money into your gift giving budget or your emergency fund!

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