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Frugal Gift Ideas for the College Student. $30 or Less!

Gift Ideas for the College Student

Gift ideas that every college student will love! Enjoy the list!

  1. Magic Color Changing Mug – When cold, this mug shows a sleeping face, when hot, the mug wakes up! Haha!
  2. Portable Charger – What college student isn’t nearly running a dead battery on their phone? Perfect gift!
  3. Laptop Backpack – Why not make carrying a laptop and books more fun with this great looking backpack?
  4. $5 a Meal College Cookbook – 300 hassle-free dishes, this cookbook will not only satisfy hunger but a meager bank account, too!
  5. The Instant Pot College Cookbook – Perfect for dorm room cooking!
  6. Netflix Subscription – What college student wouldn’t love this?
  7. Starbucks Gift Card – Or perhaps one to their favourite local coffee shop? Can’t go wrong with this!
  8. Vera Bradley ID Case – Help her keep just her important cards easily accessible with this ID case.
  9. Neck Wrap Massager – For those extra long study sessions.
  10. Laundry Today, Naked Tomorrow Laundry Basket – A laundry basket for inspire and motivate. 🙂
  11. Silicone Animal Card Holder – Perfect for those random bits of paper. Business cards, tickets that they want to keep…etc.