If you have a baby shower to attend, you might be wondering what to gift the mom to be or new mom. You have so many options when shopping for an expectant mother and it would be so great if you grab her a gift that she will actually want and love! While there are so many cute and adorable gifts out there, choosing something that is also practical and purposeful for everyday care is important as well. Take a look below at some helpful ideas for gifts new moms actually want from baby showers, so you can be sure you choose a gift that she is sure to use for months, if not years to come.

Gifts New Moms Actually Want from Baby Showers

Stuff for when Baby is Older.

One of my favourite gifts I received when my daughter was born was a gift from a group of friends that pooled together all sorts of things that my daughter could grow into. Such as a high chair, plastic bowls/plates/cups, clothes for 18 months and up. It was great because I found that I had to start buying clothes when she was about 18 months because I was gifted so many smaller things. Plus, it was really nice not having to buy those necessities once she was ready to start eating solids!

Diaper cream.

A new mom can never have enough diaper rash cream. My personal favourites were Penaten and this Sweet Pea Herbal Balm. There is nothing worse than a bad rash, a screaming baby, and realizing you are out of cream. Keep her well stocked with several quality tubes of diaper rash cream to make life more comfortable.

Gas drops.

Most moms know that in the early months, gas drops such as gripe water and Ovol are used regularly to help with feedings. Those bottles can be a life saver, so why not include one in your gift? They will help baby feel at ease and it eliminates the need to run out for some when baby is screaming.


This is a no brainer, and surely to be appreciated! The average baby will go through dozens upon dozens of diapers each week. Gift the new mom a package of diapers to help ease the burden. You can even opt to gift a few sizes bigger than what she may need right away, so there are plenty in the months to come.

A Humidifier.

Humidifiers are usually what the doctor orders when the baby is congested or has a cold. Gift the new mom a humidifier so she can help baby and herself sleep a little easier. There are many quality brands to choose from with various settings and even night lights. This one from Amazon has great reviews.

Baby Wipes.

Whether she is cleaning her hands, change table, or the baby’s bottom, the new mom can no doubt get plenty of use out of baby wipes. Heck, I’m still using baby wipes even though my daughters have been potty trained for quite some time now! Give her a giant box of wipes that will keep the stock going for a while, or even a small travel pack to keep in the diaper bag.This post is full of helpful ideas for gifts new moms *actually* want from baby showers! With this list, you can be sure to choose a gift that she is sure to use for months, if not years to come.


Experienced moms will tell you that one piece sleepers are a must-have item. Give the new mom plenty of these so she has them after accidents, spills, spit ups, and everything in between. Fancy and super cute outfits are fun to have, but guaranteed, the baby will spend most of their time in sleepers. Mom will love having plenty on hand so she won’t feel like she is doing laundry all of the time. When my daughters were really young, I liked having sleepers with buttons, but as they got older, zipper sleepers were my favourite.

A Bouncy Seat.

Babies typically love their bouncy seats. Some especially love ones with a vibrating feature. They allow them to stretch, be active, and keep an eye on mom at the same time while mom is getting things done. A nice bouncy seat is sure to get used. Don’t worry if mom gets two, one is always perfect for travel (or Grandma’s house).

Baby Wash Cloths

These are another item that mom will go through by the dozen, especially if she has a baby that spits up a lot. Baby wash cloths make a great gift. Gift the new mom a collection of easy to clean baby wash cloths so she is always stocked. I thought the ones from the dollar store were just fine!

Wet Bags.

I still use the wet bags I was gifted! When my daughter was small, they were perfect for containing messy/wet clothing and cloth diapers while we were out and about. Now, I use them for wet bathing suits!

Travel size toiletries.

Travel sized toiletries are perfect for the mom on the go. Travel lotion, wipes, baby wash, Tylenol, baby wipes, etc. can all come in handy. Better yet, make her a quick to-go bag that can be kept in the car or at home so if she is ever in a hurry she can just grab and go.

A sound machine.

A sound machine is a must have in our house! We travel with ours too because they are so small. Gift the new mom something she will come to love in the days to come.

Restaurant gift cards.

At the end of the day, the last thing a new mom feels like doing is making dinner. Give the new mom gift cards to her favorite restaurants, so she can enjoy take out and not worry about cooking or doing the dirty dishes. It’s a splurge just for her that she is sure to love and get plenty of use out of.

While these gifts do seem simple, they are some of the gifts that I found most useful as a new mom. Keep them in mind when you’re shopping for the mom to be or new mom. She is sure to appreciate them!

What would you add to the list?