Looking to spookify your home this fall? How about some bats? Easy to store after halloween! Get an 84 pack of 3D bats from Amazon.ca for just $11.99. Here are some details:

  • MUST HAVE FOR HALLOWEEN: These bats definitely add a punch to the halloween decor, the sizes have a good range to them and give a huge impact while still being simple.These bats will help you create the creepy yet subtle Halloween look you want. Great little different sized bats that stick perfectly to the wall for a spooky Halloween scene.
  • EASY TO APPLY: These 3D bats turn out great for Halloween decorations. It Comes with more than enough adhesives and These are super easy to set up and peel off of the walls. You can fold their wings a little to create 3D effect, then place the adhesive tape on the back of the bats,and stick them on smooth and dry surfaces, such as walls, doors, windows and mirrors.
  • GREAT HALLOWEEN BATS FOR ANYWHERE: You can use the 3D bat to decor your window, walls, table, fireplace, kitchen, yard, mantle or any other places. All these Halloween party decoration supplies will definitely create a Halloween horror atmosphere.
  • 84 PCS BATS: Each pack totally includes 84 pcs pvc material bats, 30cm x 7.5cm/each 24 big bats , 20cm x 5cm/each x 24 medium bats, 12cm x 3cm/each x 24 small bats and 8cm x 2cm/each x 12 small bats. These 3D bats wall stickers will meet your needs for Halloween decorations. The bats themselves are super durable and they are like a think plastic paper so they can be reused in future years. if you save them.

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