If you’re looking to stay up to date on all the latest Health Canada advisories, warnings and recalls, you’ll want to check out this page.

It’s updated all the time.  I noticed that just last week there was a recall on Junior and Children’s Strength Acetaminophen Tablets.  Go check your supplies!

I sort of have a funny recall story.  One day while my sister in law was visiting from out of town, funny noises started coming from our fridge.  My husband thought I was doing something weird with my hair dryer so he kept yelling at me to figure out what I was doing.  Soon though, smoke started pouring out from under the fridge and my husband realized it wasn’t me after all!

He ran over and pulled the fridge away from the wall (so he could unplug it) and noticed flames shooting out!  Crazy!

The fridge ended up not being functional after that (surprise, surprise!) so we headed into a local fridge repair shop to mention that our fridge had caught on fire and we were hoping they’d be able to replace it.  Sure enough when they did more research, our fridge had been part of a recall a few years earlier.

The part that caught on fire ended up being replaced, free of charge. So far, we’ve had no other fires! 😛

(I chose the picture above because the website is reminding consumers to wash their reusable bags to avoid cross contamination)