Happy Friday everyone!

I had this thought this morning while I was driving in the car in regards to loyalty programs. You see, we have a local store that offers 20% off your purchase when you shop the first Tuesday of the month. This is great, right? Then I got to thinking though, that this little local store is probably not the only one in Canada to offer a discount or loyalty program to customers.

So…will you help me compile a list of stores from all across Canada that offer some sort of perk/discount to customers? I’m looking for lesser know stores since most of us know about the programs that Shoppers Drug Mart, Loblows, HBC, etc. offer.

I’d love it if you could fill in this form in hopes that I can create a giant list of stores categorized by city and/or province. If possible, could you submit a new answer for each store if you have more than one store in mind? Thank you!!

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