So I had a chance to take some pictures of the garden finally! Everything seems to be growing well so far. Well, except for the lettuce. I think I killed it because I had it on the hot side of the house. I’ve replanted it and moved the container over to the cooler side of the house now. I hope that does it since I heard lettuce is super easy to grow! I’m so excited for the day we can finally eat off the plants that I’ve grown and nurtured!

On to the pictures:

Here is the majority of my vegetable garden. I have a red pepper, a green pepper, a tomato, and two carrots growing here. 🙂

Here you see our potatoes growing in a garbage can! All I did was found an old garbage can at my parents house that they no longer wanted, drilled holes in the bottom for drainage, then added some dirt, then the seed potatoes (russet), then more dirt to cover! All I have to do now is add more dirt as the plants grow. You want to have dirt covering everything but 3 inches of the plants at all times.

In this bucket here you see the lettuce that I killed and replanted. I’m patiently (or not) waiting for it to grow back. The big leaf thing is my hosta that is doing amazingly well after being roughly yanked out of the ground last year by an untrained landscaper that thought it was a weed! (I had to rummage through his garbage bin to get it back!)

Here are our beans. They’re strange. I was watching them daily for signs of growth and I would see nothing. Then one day I came out to check and they had grown about 2 inches over night! Crazy beans.

That ends the pictures of my vegetables, but I still have pictures of my flower pots! I’m quite pleased with how well they are turning out!
Here are my flower planters in the front. A mix of petunias, asters, gazanias, dusty miller, heliotrope, impomea (potato vine), million bells, and lantana.

This is my perennial garden with a few annuals thrown in to fill up space. (excuse the camera strap!)

A close up of some verbena.

A close up of some lantana.

Here are my pots in the back. The flowers are pretty much the same as the ones in the front but there is some verbena and pansies. The three smaller post contain my herbs. Thyme, basil, oregano (which is not growing) and rosemary

There you have it! I hope you enjoyed the tour through my gardens! I be sure to update you again on how the veggies are doing. How is your garden growing if you have one?