Cheap date ideas

As we all know, Valentine’s day is that wonderful time of year when flowers triple in price and if you don’t celebrate your love, you’ll pay for your mistake all year.  Right? 😉  Can you tell I’ve never really been big into the occasion?

If you’re anything like my husband and I, you don’t typically do anything out of the ordinary for Valentine’s Day.  But it is nice to have an excuse to spend some planned time together.

Here are some cheap date ideas that won’t dent your pocket book too much and keep your love life on track for the entire year:

Celebrate on a day other than February 14

Pick any day  in the month of February (other than February 14) and you’ll save yourself a ton of cash.  Flowers will be much cheaper, and maybe chocolates will be on clearance if you choose a day after February 14 🙂  Not to mention saving yourself the stress of finding some place that isn’t booked up!

Take advantage of the Daily Deal sites

Now is the time to be watching those daily deal sites like Groupon, WagJag, and Living Social.  I’ve been seeing a ton of offers for romantic getaways, restaurant deals and even gift ideas (jewelery, etc.)  You’ll save yourself a big chunk of money if you take advantage of a deal and intended on heading out on the town anyways!

Get back to your roots

Did you use to love playing a particular board game together in your younger dating/married years?  Pull it out and play it once again.  Or maybe you used to love browsing the thrift stores together?  Or enjoyed the satisfaction of volunteering?  Do something that takes you back to the early days!

Dinner at Home

Not a new idea at all, dinner at home, but how about calling up your date’s mother to get the recipe to their favourite childhood meal?  Or if you both enjoy a fancy meal, how about going all out at the grocery store to recreate your favourite fancy restaurant meals?  The thought of a picnic on the floor might hit the spot as well!  Maybe this year could be your first fondue?

What frugal Valentine’s Day ideas do you have to share?  For those of you with children, do you celebrate the day as a couple or as a family?