These are some fantastic budgeting tips if you have an inconsistent income!

Not everyone has a consistent income and this can create problems when it comes to creating a budget. However, it’s definitely not impossible! It’s perhaps even more crucial to have a budget in this circumstance.

Here are a few links that I found with tips to create a budget when you have an inconsistent income:

Here’s a quick break down of the ideas to help you create a successful budget on an inconsistent income:

  1. Determine your income streams
  2. Develop a monthly average income estimate
  3. Calculate your expenses to create your monthly budget:- Tally your fixed expenses (mortgage, etc)- Tally your variable expenses (electricity, etc)With your discretionary expenses (clothing, entertainment, etc), come up with fair dollar amounts based on the lowest income month(s).
  4. Any months that you earn more than normal, put that money into savings for the really low income months so you can still pay your expenses; and even put money into an emergency fund.

Do you live on an inconsistent income?  I’d love for you to share your tips!