Over the years, I’ve learned a few things about building my daughters’ wardrobes cheaply. (I just have to be careful I don’t overbuy because girls clothing can be so cute!) But as you know, kids outgrow their clothing very quickly so buying clothes can become quite expensive. But, by planning ahead and taking these tips into consideration, you’ll be sure to build your children’s wardrobes cheaply.

Kids grow so fast so these are fantastic tips on how to build a kid's wardrobe cheaply.

Accept Hand-Me Downs

Nothing is as cheap as free!  I took full advantage of the clothes my sister-in-law offered to lend us for the first six months or so of Sienna’s life.  I know hand-me downs are normally meant to be kept, but our borrowing situation was ideal since we didn’t have to store any of the clothes once we were finished with them. We just gave them back!

Buy off the Clearance Racks

Buying off the clearance racks is especially handy if you’re stocking up for next season.  Last Fall/Winter, I stocked up on quite a few items that will work for Sienna this coming winter, including a snow suit for only $10!  Had I waited until she needed the snow suit, I’m sure I would have been paying close to full price.  Currently my favourite stores to shop at for clearance prices is the Joe Fresh section in our local Superstore and Old Navy.

Shop online

Similar to shopping the clearance racks in a brick and mortar store, shopping the sale sections online can save you a bundle.  Last Summer I stocked up on quite a few outfits when Old Navy had one of their better coupon codes.  I think I averaged about $3.00 a piece! I also enjoy shopping online at The Children’s Place and Joe Fresh.

Buy used

Garage sales and thrift stores can be a great place to look for gently used clothing.  Although I haven’t had much opportunity to shop at garage sales myself, I know that the clothes I was selling in our recent garage sale were hot sellers!  I’m sure most cities offer this, but our town also holds a twice annual kids garage sale at our Recreation Centre.  I picked up some cute sweaters, jeans and PJ’s for about $0.50 a piece.  I find buying used clothing an excellent way to build a kid’s wardrobe cheaply because the items are usually only worn a few times before they’re outgrown.

What are your tips for building a kid’s wardrobe on a budget?