How to clean your gadgets

I was actually excited to write this post because my laptop?  It was filthy.  As in, it sounds much quieter now that I cleaned the fan area.  I’m also a much happier person now that my fingers aren’t flying over dust particles and my eyes see the actual screen rather that the finger marks from Sienna. 🙂

It’s actually not that difficult to get your electronics clean and germ-free. Once you’ve done it a few times, it becomes a task that takes only a minute or two to finish.

Here’s what you need to clean your gadgets:

Here’s how to clean your gadgets:

computer dust can


To clean your laptop, you’ll want to take it outside with a can of compressed air.  Give the keyboard, the ports, the air vents and anywhere else dust is hiding, a few good blasts of air.

computer pipecleaner

computer usb

Next, you’ll want to take a pipe cleaner or a Q-tip and run it along each and every crack and through your ports to pick up any lingering dust.  I have better luck using a pipe cleaner with the way my keyboard is set up.

computer smears

Finally, take an electronic cleaning wipe and wipe down each surface.  The keyboard, the trackpad and even the screen can be cleaned with an electronic cleaning wipe.  (I’ve even used Windex on occasion.)

Now you should have a pretty clean laptop!  Desktop computers can be cleaned the same way.


We don’t own a tablet, but if your cell phone is anything like ours, you probably have plenty of smears and fingerprints!  These devices are easy to clean.  Take your can of compressed air, blast the ports then use and electronic cleaning wipe to clean the screens.  If you have a case to go with your devices, make sure you clean those too!  (I put our phone case in a sink of soapy water and let it dry before I put it back on.)

There you go!  Not too hard right?  How often do you clean your gadgets?