I’m not going to lie. I really enjoy eating out. It’s so nice to not spend the energy cooking or cleaning up the dishes! Unfortunately eating out is not very frugal, even if you’re only eating a burger at a fast food joint!  Below, I’ve compiled a list of ways to help you save money eating out.

How to Save Money Eating Out

Stick with Water

By sticking with water, you’ll save a bundle off your restaurant bill. Beverages available from restaurants are very expensive in terms of how much it costs to provide them! If I’m feeling like I don’t want water then I’ll order a lime water; water with lime juice and a lime wedge is delicious!

Use Coupons

Many restaurants offer coupon specials. Check your local newspapers. Search online. Or order a copy of your local Entertainment coupon book.

Skip Dessert and Appetizers

I typically can’t eat that much food at once so why would I order it? I’m a dessert or dinner kind of gal, myself!

Order a large Entree

By ordering a large entree, you can either share your meal or take home the leftovers for lunch the next day! Pasta dishes are great for this.

Eat Early

Lunch menus are usually cheaper and I don’t find the portions much different. Also, many restaurants have happy hour specials (4pm-6pm or thereabouts). You can quite often get appetizers for half price or 2 for 1!

Order Appetizers Only

I only recommend doing this if you’ve caught the happy hour. Order a selection of different appetizers that your family can share.

Kids Eat Free

If you have children, find a restaurant that offers a kids eat free (or discounted) night.  Check out my list of Canadian restaurants that offer free kids meals.

Do you have any tips to add to this list? How often do you ever enjoy a meal out?