When it comes to purchasing clothing for the family, it can become rather expensive quickly, especially if you have small children! Here are some great tips on how to save money on clothing.

When it comes to purchasing clothing for the family, it can become rather expensive quickly, especially if you have small children! Since they grow so quickly, it may feel as though you’re throwing money away often to keep them dressed. In order to save money on kids clothing and clothing for the rest of the family, follow these tips and suggestions to learn how to save.

Think about colour and size

Consider buying shirts that are dark in color. This way, stains will not show as much and the clothing will last longer. You’ll also be able to sell the clothing at a higher price because it still appears to be in great condition. As for pants, buy them a little longer in length. Sew the pant hem under without cutting the material.  This way the seam can be taken out when your child has a growth spurt.  Or simply roll the pants up!

Hand me downs

Another way to save money on clothes is to pass down clothing. Items that you have bought for your older children can be passed down to a younger sibling. Give old clothing a brand new look by using embellishments. This way your younger child feels as though the clothes have a special touch just for them when pieces of fabric, rhinestones, or other embellishments have been added. Also, I tend to always accept any clothes from friends and relatives that their children have outgrown.

Shop second hand

You will save yourself a bundle if you check out local consignment shops or thrift stores. You’ll find a vast array of clothing for your whole family at greatly reduced prices. More often than not, the clothing is in great shape simply because someone might have outgrown it quickly, or decided that they did not like the style anymore.  I’ve also had great success with buying bags of clothing off our local Facebook buy & sell page.

Shop the end of season sales

I don’t like to pay full price for clothing, ever.  It’s actually quite rare that there isn’t some sort of sale going on somewhere.  But, be sure to make plans to purchase items during the end of season sales. This is when retailers offer big discounts in order to clear their shelves for new stock. Many times the item is offered at a discount of 50% or more. You will definitely save a bundle of cash when you purchase clothing items this way.

Use coupons

Much like buying groceries, using coupons on clothing purchases can help you save money.  Make sure to sign up for the free newsletters that your favourite retailers offer.  They often send printable coupons for in-store shopping or coupon codes for online shopping!

Knowing where and when to buy clothing for your family will help you to save money. The above tips might help you learn how to save even more!

Do you have any secrets to saving big on clothes for the family?