How to Save Money on Summer Clothing – learn how to update your summer wardrobe with these simple money saving tips!

Learn how to update your summer wardrobe with these simple money saving tips!
Now that summer is pretty much here, you might be thinking it’s time to update your wardrobe. Buying a new summer wardrobe doesn’t have to be pricey, in fact, if you know a few simple tips you can really save some cash. Take a look below at how to save money on summer clothing this season and get a fresh look you want for less.

1. Stock up on maxi dresses.

I love, love maxi dresses. Maxi dresses are great because they can be worn informally during the day, to the beach, or even dressed up for evening wear. Their versatility makes them a great deal. You can often find maxi dresses for as little as $10. Simply add accessories to change their look.

2. Try basic colors.

Stick to a handful of basic colors that you can mix and match with each other. A simple color scheme of red, navy, white, and tan is one great combination idea. When you keep your clothing color palette simple, you can create more wardrobe combinations. If you do want more color, add it into these schemes with your jewelry and accessories, or, even your shoes.

3. Check out second hand stores.

Check out local thrift and consignments shops for second hand finds. Many of these shops carry gently used items that are sure to be in season, in style, and looking great. Plus, these items will cost you a fraction of the price of new.

4. Repurpose what you already own.

There are all sorts of tutorials online that will show you how to make a dress out of a t-shirt, how to make shorts out of jeans, and how to turn other clothing staples into something fun and fresh. Try your hand at some of these projects and see if you can turn something old into something new.

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5. Shop online.

Find your favorite clothing retailers online and pair your purchase with a coupon code. is great for coupon codes and a quick search can save you huge. Many retailers also offer free shipping with a minimum purchase, so you save not only money but gas and time as well!

6. Get rid of old to get cash for new.

Sell your old clothing items in Facebook Buy & Sell groups, at a garage sale, or at consignment shops. You can then take your earnings and use them to buy new clothing items. Not only will you free up some cash this way, but you will free up space in your closet too.

7. Be patient.

If you can wait until the end of June, many summer staples will be on sale if not clearance already. Be patient and see if you can wait just a few weeks longer – you are sure to enjoy the savings!

See how simple it can be to save money on summer clothing? With these tips you can get the clothes you need while keeping some cash in your pocket for other summer time activities.

How do you save on Summer clothing?