how to save money on transportation

So, you want to learn how to save money on transportation.  Well, when it comes to saving money on the cost of transportation, sometimes public transit is the way to go. Especially when you take in the expense of running and owning a vehicle. Its maintenance, the cost of gas, insurance, and other things that mean money is coming out of your pocket in order to get you where you want to go.

If your city offers a monthly pass at a reduced rate and you are a frequent traveler, then it would be more cost effective to purchase a transit on a monthly basis. If you don’t travel too often by public transit, it would make more sense to buy your public transportation tickets as needed.

Here are some other ideas to help you save:


Another great way to save on transportation costs is to carpool.  Check out or to find someone to carpool with.  Or if you work and live in close proximity to a friend or family member, consider carpooling with them.  They could drive one week and you could drive the next.  Of course finding a coworker that lives in your vicinity would also work!


When the weather is warm enough, jump on a bicycle and ride to work during the summer months. Get some exercise and avoid those traffic jams!  This could be a great way to save on your transportation costs, if you don’t live to far away from your workplace, of course. Make sure that you follow the laws in regards to riding a bike in your city and/or province. This means to wear the proper safety gear and adhere to the laws of the roads.


Another way to save on transportation costs is to walk to where you need to go when the weather allows.  There’s no need to purchase gas for the car, or even buy public transit tickets. Just liking biking, you will also get some fresh air, and some exercise.

Combine Activities

If you’ve got an appointment one day, consider doing your grocery shopping and other errands while you’re already out and about so that you’re making less trips home and back into town again.  Also, if you’ve only got a short distance to travel, think about walking or biking instead of taking the car.

Following the tips above will surely help you to save some money on the cost of transportation!

How do you save on transportation costs?  I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments!