Have you been eyeing a Huggle Hoodie? I think I want one and I’m pretty sure my family would think it’s attached to me because I would wear it all the time! (at home, of course.) Right now, you can get a blue one from Amazon.ca for just $18! (reg. $35.99). Here are some details:

  • REVERSIBLE: Huggle Hoodie is reversible, meaning that it can be worn right side out or flipped inside out. Each side offers a different design pattern.
  • SOFT AND COZY: Each product is made from an incredibly soft blanket material that is pleasant to the touch. The softness of the blanket works to keep its wearer cozy and comfortable while providing them with the ultimate warmth.
  • POCKETS: Unlike a traditional blanket, this product comes with large pockets for your convenience. The built-in, deep, pockets make it easy to keep items such as your cell phone and keys close by. The pockets are deep enough that the objects won’t fall out and get lost or misplaced.
  • WASHING MACHINE FRIENDLY: With extensive use, your Huggle Hoodie is bound to get dirty. Luckily, it can be taken off and thrown in the washing machine with any other laundry you may have. It can be safely washed and dried so that you can continue to use it without having to wait for it to air dry.
  • LOWERS YOUR HEATING BILS: Thanks to the functionality and warmth of the Huggle Hoodie, your winter heating bill can be lowered considerably with its use.

Shop online at Amazon.ca here.

Burgundy is also on sale!