You guys, I’m about to do something drastic here on Simply Frugal and it kinda scares me. In a good and a bad way. πŸ™‚

In the 8.5 years since I’ve been running Simply Frugal solo, I’ve had two babies, worked a job at a golf course, bought a new home, moved, and generally just been busy with life like the rest of you. Also in that time, I haven’t taken off more than a week at a time. (Even then, I’m still doing behind the scene stuff…).

I LOVE what I do here at Simply Frugal. I love getting to know you all and helping you save your hard earned dollars. That is the hard part of what I’m about to do. But I also know that my oldest is about to go off to kindergarten in September. My youngest is quite challenging in regards to poor sleeping and not gaining weight properly. After her last doctor appointment, my decision was made…

I’m taking the Summer off from daily posting on Simply Frugal. Starting July 1.

Whooosh (That’s the big sigh I was holding inside.)

I have been feeling overwhelmed for quite some time now and kept trying to add more things to my plate because that’s what I thought Simply Frugal needed. It has become very apparent that the thing that I actually need is to take a break from daily posting here for the summer months.

I want to focus on my family, finish projects around the house, read books(!), and even do a little bit of behind the scenes stuff on the website that I can never find time for.

It’s hard knowing that the full extent of my service won’t be available to you for a time, but it’s easy to see that this is the right decision.

All that to say, here is what you will be seeing here:

  • About 1 article a week. Most likely on Wednesdays.
  • Links Worth Sharing with a bit of a personal update every Saturday.

What you won’t be seeing here:

  • Daily Store deals
  • New Coupons
  • Freebies
  • And anything else I write about on a regular basis.

This is going to be a huge shift in my everyday life. I will have to learn new habits ( at every spare chance..!) but I anticipate a lot of adventures with my girls and extra space in my mind.

Since your use of Simply Frugal (reading, shopping…etc) is what keeps the site running, I would so appreciate if you continue to use it throughout the summer. For your convenience, here’s a list of links, all in one place, to the websites that I know you love using and shopping at:

In the meantime, I’d love it if you would share what your summer plans are in the comments below!

See you all again in September! Thanks so much for understanding. (I’ll be “gone” July 1 until about September 15.)