I have to draw the line and call “uncle” on trying to keep up with Simply Frugal this week.

We’ve been battling the autumn colds which makes this mom even more tired than she already is with a baby who doesn’t sleep well on a “good” night. The oldest is having troubles with not being the only child anymore so needs more love these days. Now, we’ve had a family emergency within our extended family that is requiring more time.

You guys, I need to step back for a few days and tend to my family. They need me and right now that is what is most important.

Please feel free to read the archives, print coupons or find some current deals while you wait for the deals to resume on Monday. I will have Links Worth Sharing up on Saturday though because that’s how I like to relax, reading what other people write! I also have a fun post scheduled for later tomorrow.

Enjoy the rest of your week! “See” you on Monday!