(My daughter picked this picture to show you 🙂 )

Hi All!  Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! We missed drop-in gymnastics this morning because I was thrown off by the long weekend! Oh well 🙂

Anyways, I’ve been really wanting to show more of “me” in Simply Frugal. But if I’m honest, I’m scared and I fear we’re really boring. Ha! But, nonetheless, I feel like I should be saying more about me and stop being so elusive. Because really, we are living life, have dreams and are human just like the rest of you!

My idea right now is to send out a weekly or bi-weekly newsletter with tidbits about our life and random thoughts I may have. (On top of the usual deals and steals.) Since my Saturday Links Worth Sharing are so popular, I’ll be sure to add in some interesting links that you’ll enjoy as well.

Now, one big question is, would this interest you??  I think it could be so fun and I’d love to get to know you all better if you reply to the newsletter once I have it going. 🙂 (You can sign up for the newsletter here if it interests you, though I won’t be sending one quite yet!)

Another question: What would you love to know about me, Taya, who is behind Simply Frugal?  Fill out the form or answer in the comments. Thanks so much!