I’m back again with my second organizing update!  Again, I managed to finish what I set out to do, but partly because I cheated and did the linen closet in December :).  Never the less, it’s all done!

As I just mentioned, I did the linen closet first, in December.  Unfortunately I don’t have any before photos because I wasn’t thinking I’d be blogging about it in January!

Linen closet after:

The linen closet is in out main bathroom so it also holds my deodorant, body lotion, shampoo/conditioner, soap, and toothpaste stockpile.  I managed to find a box full of stuff to toss (old body lotions/perfumes/makeup) and some items to donate.  I did end up buying the two white containers that you see (from Dollarama) to hold my body lotions, nail polishes and perfumes.  One container is dedicated to baby bath time stuff. (wash cloths, hooded towels, shampoo)  The top shelf, that you can’t see, hold our extra sheet sets.  The bottom shelf that you can’t see again, holds our toilet paper stock, kleenex and a fan for the summer months.  Overall, I’m quite pleased with the after as there’s still plenty of room to hold more stuff. Although I’m liking the emptiness a bit too much I think!

Since jewelery organization is a fairly popular topic, here’s a picture of how I store my necklaces:

It’s a mug holder!  Does a pretty good job!  (The Winnie the Pooh lunch box is something I’ve had for years that I’m holding on to for the kiddo)

My second project was to organize the recipes that I tore out of magazines or had printed.

Recipes after:

The recipes that were small enough went into my handy dandy recipe box.

The recipes that were too big to fit into the box, went into my recipe binder/household notebook.  The recipes either went into our “favourite recipes” section or “recipes to try” section.  I’d actually like to make a section for freezer cooking as I found a few recipes while I was purging magazines that would be great to freeze.  A note on the household notebook end of things. I don’t really use the binder for that purpose!  Maybe if I revamped it, it would better suit my needs, but for now I’m quite happy with my day planner that has plenty of room to jot down each day’s to-do list/shopping lists… etc.

For those of you that have a household notebook, how do you make it work for you?

Lastly, I worked on my coupon binder and ended up with a big stack of coupons to give away!  If you’d like to see how you can win some coupons, visit the Simply Frugal Facebook page today!! (January 14, 2012)

I didn’t take any other pictures of the binder because I covered it in this Coupon Binder post.  I still organize it the same way.

For those of you still joining me this month, how did you do this week with your projects?

Up next during my January Organization endeavor:

  • Move computer desk downstairs out of baby’s room (husband’s job)done!  
  • Purge the closets in baby’s room to make room for baby stuff
  • Purge our bedroom clothes closet
  • Purge jacket/shoe closet

I’ll have another update for you on Saturday, January 21, 2012.