It’s time again for my weekly update on my organizing/purging project!  Although, this time I didn’t quite succeed with my list. (coat closet, our clothes closet and the baby room closets)  I’m pretty sure I was too ambitious, considering there are actually three closets in the baby’s room!   But I’m very happy with the progress that we made!

The above picture is sort of embarrassing, but I always say, it has to get worse before it gets better.  That was an in progress shot.  (It looks a bit better now!) There are about four empty boxes for the recycling, three bags of clothing for consignment/thrift store, a workout bench that we’ll be giving away, two bags of garbage, and a double sized bed that will be leaving our house.

I went through our coat closet and our clothes closet and managed to find several pairs of shoes, a vest, and a large stack of clothing to donate:

I wasn’t as ruthless as I wanted to be with our clothes closet since I have no idea what will fit me once the baby is born.  What I am letting go of, is stuff I haven’t worn in years.

The biggest project this week was tackling the closets in the baby’s room.  What. a. job!  Thankfully, it wasn’t all up to me since there were quite a few boxes that my husband had to go through himself.  We found two cardboard boxes full of Lego that got a bath because it was so dusty:

I was going to buy a Rubbermaid container to hold it all in one place, but I decided to go through my fabric stash to see if I could let go of enough fabric to free up the bin to use for the Lego.  Sure enough, I did it!  I didn’t have to buy a new container after all.  I must say though, I’m sure glad my husband still has all his childhood Lego, it’s going to come in real handy one day! (We were even tempted to take a break and play!)

We’re currently at a bit of a standstill with the closet situation in the baby’s room.  We have to borrow a truck in order to move a few pieces of furniture out.  Since we’re wanting to paint in the room, the biggest closet has to remain empty, so the contents of that closets are currently all over the place.  Here’s what the closets look like right now:

This is the biggest closet, which needs to remain empty for the time being.  It holds our Christmas boxes and used to hold a lot more stuff but we managed to get rid of soooo much stuff out of there!! (like the awkward workout bench!)  I even managed to get all our Christmas stuff into two boxes, rather than three, when I cleaned up the first week!

This would be the clothes closet in the baby’s room.  It currently holds our deep freezer, which is really not ideal, but that’s our only option right now!  There’s empty shelf space which will get filled with the Lego bin and my sewing machine once I’m done sewing.

Finally, the small linen type closet in the baby’s room.  Definitely not done at all.  I started putting stuff in there just to clear a path to walk. 🙂  I imagine some of that stuff will be staying in there.  How much storage does a baby really need?  I think it will have plenty of storage between all the empty spaces in all three closets.

So, definitely a work in progress.  I’ll be sure to do an update once the room is painted and complete!  But do you know how good it feels to know just how much stuff has or will be leaving our house?  I’m amazed! (with the feeling and the amount of stuff!)

For those of you still joining me this month, how did you do this week with your projects?

Up next during my January Organization endeavor:

  • File/shred paper work
  • Clean up my computer files and email accounts
  • Organize the hot water tank closet

I’ll have another update for you next week, Saturday, January 28, 2012.