Well, I’m here this week to report back and to say I failed miserably on my organizing list this week. 🙁  Okay, I didn’t entirely fail, but still not nearly as much as I had intended on accomplishing!

I did manage to get all the paper shredding and filing done.  That took me forever because I had to do the shredding in stages so I wouldn’t burn out the shredder!  This taught me a lesson: don’t go more than a month without shredding!  While I was filing our important papers, I went through the section that holds our product operating manuals and recycled the ones we no longer need. (As in, we don’t own those items anymore!)  I even ditched some birthday cards from friends from 10 years ago??

Since I didn’t get much else done off my list this week, the only picture I have is the one above of the basket that holds all our mail as it comes in.  (It was the “before” picture)  I love this basket because it helps contain all our important stuff until I get around to filing/shredding it.  Some stuff permanently stays in there as we access it all the time.

So, as for my computer file cleanup and the organization of our hot water tank closet…those didn’t get done. 🙁  Well, I did delete the photos off my computer that I no longer needed.  I’ll add them onto the list for this week.  As for the hot water tank closet, this may work out better since I intended on organizing our broom/pantry closet this coming week and I’m thinking I’ll be shuffling some of the contents from one closet to the other.  It’ll help with them both being empty at the same time!

Just so you don’t think I sat on my behind all week, 😉 we did completely rearrange our bedroom to allow for more room for the baby for the first little while.  The baby’s room has also really made progress and it looks like we’ll be painting this weekend!

For those of you still joining me this month, how did you do this week with your projects?

Up next during my January Organization endeavor:

  • Organize the broom/pantry closet
  • Organize the hot water tank closet
  • Clean up my computer files and email accounts

I’ll be back on Saturday, February 4, 2012 with my final update!